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2016 Classes and Special Events

Glamping @ MoonMaid's Woodland Medicinal Sanctuary will begin in 2016.  We are not sure when just yet.  We will keep updates here as we acquire a tent and set up our healing center.  You can support my efforts to bring education and awareness, while cozily nestled in a "glamour tent" by clicking here.

The Art of Simpling - $125 

~ 3 Saturdays ~

 June 18, October 22, and November 17 

Presented at my production office in downtown Cosby Tennessee very near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  We will explore how to work with herbs in every form imaginable.  Teas, tinctures, infusions, oil, salves, creams, bath salts and herbal essential oil use, will all be covered.  You will leave this class jars of all the items we create together. During this 3 hour class we will dive into the basic of blending herbs for teas, potpourri, medicinal oils, salves, creams and more.  Bring a sack lunch and hang around exploring our extensive library.    

Make it a weekend in the Smoky Mountains.  There are many reasonable cabins in this area.   Take a hike with A Walk in the Woods.    Register here 

Consultation with “The” Menopause Herbalist

As creator, formulator, and herbalist @ MoonMaid Botanicals, I have talked to hundreds of women about menopause and it’s challenges.  So often the questions are so similar I feel like a more “in depth” chat might be helpful.  I am now available for this service.  I have been working almost exclusively with menopause for 20 years and know that I have information that can help you ease through this amazing life transition.  This consultation includes your first month’s remedies.   

A Day @ MoonMaid's Botanical  Sanctuary

I am dedicated to preserving, protecting and propagating the native medicinals that are abundant here in the East Tennessee Smoky Mountains.  As a member of the United Plant Savers network of international botanical sanctuaries, I find it critical to educate any and all who visit the importance of native medicinal woodland herbs.  So, seasonally I invite folks to come hang out on land for a day or a weekend and help with the ongoing projects that are ever in need of doing. Come enjoy this incredible "gem of the Smoky Mountains.  We'll get sweaty and grimey, enjoy good food, the stars in the sky and a nice fire. for details 


Herb Walks

ANYTIME - Cynthia is also available to conduct herb walks @ MoonMaid’s Botanical Sanctuary in Cosby, TN.  Growing here are an abundant array of native medicinal plants in my woods and cultivated herbs in the formal beds.  Guided herb walks can be arranged for your location as well.  

This event can be tailored to your particular needs be it a gathering of women or a child’s birthday party.   I have a specific program for children that incorporates a walk, picking herbs, drawing them and making tea from what we harvest.  A great activity for a party. Contact Cynthia for details. or 877-253-7853