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ProMeno Women's Wild Yam Cream

All wild yam creams are not created equal.  It smells delicious and instantly stops my hot flashes and night sweats.  When I feel the heat rising I apply a small amount and drift back to sleep.  Judith, Montana

Cynthia, I have been using your women's combo for about 2 weeks. I am very discerning about high quality facial and skin products and love to source the best with fabulous essential oils. Your products are up there and I love using the ProMeno cream, it's color, scent and feel are perfect. The two together are definitely noticeably helping. Look forward to purchasing more soon. Thank you for your part in the perfection of our planet!

I have been using your VitalVulva Salve and ProMeno Cream for the past two years.  It has helped me with menopause conditions.  ProMeno seems to help me with hot flashes and mood swings and I feel like I have more energy.  Thank you for what you do. Sherry; Ft. Lauderdale, FL

This is the stuff that glues my life back together and makes my family happy to be around me again!
 Christie;  Boulder, CO

The buyer at Ukiah Natural Foods told me that one of her customers said that  "ProMeno Women's Wild Yam Cream had changed her life." 

ProAndro Men's Wild Yam Cream

My husband LOVES this stuff!!! Amanda,  Ozark, Missouri

My husband has suffered from ED for years.  Now, he can go all night.  Mary; Newport, Tennessee

                        Vital "Vulva" Wild Yam Salve - formerly known as VitalVulva

Thank you so much…..VitalVulva is my friend.  For months I have searched for something to relieve the discomforts related to menopause and the after effects of radiation tratments for uterine cancer.  I tried everything I could think of from over-the-counter vaginal creams to baby products to prescriptions from my gynecologist.  None gave the relief I sought.  I cannot express how wonderful your product is.  Within a few days of using the salve I could tell a difference.  Please don’t stop making it.  You saved both my sanity and my marriage.  Paula, Chicago, Illinois

"I was diagnosed with vaginal atrophy and after using Vital V" for one month my doctor says my "privates" are Healthy." 
I became so dry I couldn't walk. I found this product during a web search and tried it. It is great! It emulates my natural moisture and lasts all day. I can't thank you enough.  Jerry; Missouri

This stuff is wonderful  It made it possible for me to enjoy my marriage again.  Sylvie, Wisconsin
I am 75 and have been using this product for many years. Before I began using it, my vulva was very sore, dry, itchy and burned a lot from inflammation. Since using this product, the skin is more normal, all the negative symptoms have gone away.  June; Sebastopol, California

I can't thank you enough for your Vital "V" Wild Yam Salve.  For months I have searched for something to relieve the discomforts I experience related to menopause and effects of radiation for uterine cancer.  I tried everythng I could think of from oer the counter vaginal creams to baby products to prescriptions from my gynecologist.  None gave the relief I sought.  I cannot express how wondrful your product is.  Within a few days of using the salve I could tell a difference.  Please don't stop making it.  You saved both my sanith and my marriage.  Paula

Thank you Cynthia - I am out of that magical cream and can't wait!! Thank you. Debbie

Thanks Cynthia, Moon Maiden.I have had such success with the Vital Vulva and your suggestions. You are so knowledgable, easy to deal with and timely and heck:


                                                            YeastFree Ointment

Wow...I love this ointment. Having an issue with candida (yeast) Dr. Helen Pensanti recommended this salve to me. It has been a real blessing to find something that really works. Not only that, I recently had a cold sore come up on the corner of mouth and this cleared it up. Debi, Asheville, North Carolina


Thank you for this wonderful product.  Shannon

Lover's Lube Personal Lubricant

Your LoversLube is an amazing aphrodisiac.  Not only for me but my husband loves it as well.  This is good stuff!!!  Susan, Michigan

                                                 Ouch Ointment

Your Ouch Ointment is amazing!!!! I have found that if i put it immediately on a burn the skin doesn't even get red... truly miraculous! I also use it on sunburns and it not only heals the burn but also prevents peeling.  Michelle
Cynthia, I love the ouch show dog got razor burn from grooming, I put the ouch ointment on and it was gone the next day. U saved the day.


Cynthia, Thanks for including the ouch ointment with the shipment. I wanted to tell you. My husband rarely mentions these things (because he does not like to talk pain) but he actually told me that ouch ointment is great stuff its relieving his ache on his shoulder. about 20 years ago he dislocated his shoulder and now after trimming trees etc he feels like he might have pulled some ligaments or just plain achy in that area. So I told him to use the ouch ointment and low and behold he couldn’t say enough good about it! So I just wanted to tell you about his results after using the ointment.
You have a great product line.
I love the smell of the bug off!
Thanks again

                                          RadiantRose NiteCream

Your Rose Cream is the best.  Morgana, Los Angeles

The texture and scent of your Rose Cream is amazing!!!  Kathy

I am thrilled with your RadiantRose Cream.  Last night I applied it all over my face and neck.  I felt soft and smelled wonderful.  Linda

DandelionBlossom Cream
I received my prize from the give away!! The creams are lovely and feel so nice on your skin I am very pleased!!!


CalendulaBlossom Cream
Cynthia, my heels have been rough for YEARS....I've tried so many creams along with filing them to make them smooth.....the difference in how they look and FEEL is AMAZING since using your Calendula Flower Cream....Thank You so much for your products!  Kathy, East Tennessee

I love all of your products and they help me live a much more contented, healthy life. Many thanks for your amazing products,

Hi Cynthia, I was happy to help, I am glad for your success as it is such a pure product available, as your entire line. Probably one of purest. That alone is something to feel great pride in what you have created is such a quality product with simply the essential ingredients for wellness....and I have found your kindness to be consistent over time. Customer Service and a genuine passion and care for others wellness promotes your products even more. 

Hi Cynthia,
Wanted to drop a short note to let you know how much I appreciate your knowledge of women's health.  Several years ago, you came to Greenlife Grocery in Chattanooga for a small but informative product info session for us members of the nutrition staff.  I still remember many of the things you had to say about your products and women's sexual health in general.  Greenlife changed locations and was bought out by Whole Foods, and I went on to reestablish my massage therapy practice (and now practice underwriting!).  Now, as time and my own body have changed, I'm realizing my actions for my health should be reflecting these changes.  Thank you for imparting words (and products) that are so helpful!  I look forward to every newsletter (which I recently subscribed to) to bring me back to a place of perpetual learning and understanding.
With Gratitude,


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