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Anti-Aging and why that "term" drives me Crazy!!!

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 9/12/2019
Anti-Aging and why that
If you are not are dead.  That's how I feel anyway.

Anti-Aging.  I hear this term so very often.  Anti-aging skincare, anti-aging supplements, anti-aging we baby boomers are aging there is so much talk......of "anti-aging."  

We age.  No matter how many products you take or how many creams you will continue to age until you die.  So "anti-aging" implicitly implies.....that we should just go ahead and do that, die I mean, if "aging" is so distasteful.

OF COURSE we want to look and feel as good possible.  That does not come from a bottle or jar.  Perhaps you have noticed.  Yes, we may find with our busy lives that we need a little assist by adding minerals to our water, or greens to a smoothie, but generally.......we have to "up" our lifestyle.  

Up my lifestyle?  What do I mean?  I mean we have to pay more attention to our "habits."  The things we put in our mouths and the things we put on our bodies.  And......we have to MOVE more often.  What we "could and could not" get away with in our younger days does not generally serve us as we AGE.   

Avoid additive and hormones in your food by eating organic.  Put down the "plastic" water bottle and get water "another source."  Water you filter at home is darn near as good as that which you purchase in a plastic bottle at the store.  And it is SO MUCH KINDER to our Mother Earth.  Spending the "bit extra" on organic meat, veggies, cheese, milk etc, whenever possible is a much. are socking your body full of estrogen.  "You can't afford organic" you say.  I say "how can you not!!!"  How much is your body, your own personal temple, worth to you?  Hmmmmm????

Sodas and sugar in the common form of cakes and cookies and all of that - is sooooooo BAD for you.  Save those calories for a good bar of chocolate.  That you eat once in awhile, instead of each and every day.

What I am really saying is "there is no magic pill."  There are good eating and living habits.  What I like to call "lifestyle" choices.  And do we make them every single moment of every single day?  OF COURSE NOT.  We have a drink now and then, we enjoy some cake once in awhile, we have a sparkling soda now and then.  

And we exercise more, because we have to!  Our bodies are not designed to be in front of any type of screen for hours on end each day.  Walking, yoga, weights, and stretching are all things one can do at home easily.  And for free.  And there is a lot of other easy at home stuff available too!!!

And OF COURSE,  we must nourish our bodies "topically" as there are lots of pollutants in the environment these days.  We need to do this whether we are young or getting older.  Please use beautifully crafted organic and biodegradable products as often as possible.  Please try to avoid plastic packaging when you can.  

I wonder, too, if we were not so fearful of "aging," perhaps we would honor our elders.  Perhaps we would not shove them away to "somewhere else."  Perhaps if we embraced that we are still above ground, honor that, rather then running away from something that is running right behind us, perhaps, we could learn from those who have many years more in this life then we do.  Perhaps we would treat them kindly, with respect and honor, knowing that one day we will be "them."

It can be done.
It is not that hard.

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Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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