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Back to Normal

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 11/15/2021
Back to Normal
That is a term I have heard quite a bit as of late. A return to the “before times.” What does that mean exactly, I often wonder. A return to long “shopping hours?” Or are we happy shopping online so stores are not open so early, staying open so late. Or does this hurt the employment possibilities. Like self-check-out might? However, there seem to be a lot of jobs available everywhere. Another noticeable change are increase in hourly wages! It’s about time!!! I cannot imagine how any person, in any state, in any city, could possibly survive on minimum wage. Let alone, Live! I do not want wages to return to pre-pandemic levels. Everyone is entitled to a fair wage. A livable wage. It only makes sense. For all of us. For our greater community. For our country. Working from home. The pivot. It does not work in all cases but when it does, what a breath of relief our Mother Earth sighs, when we consider these things. Less travel on the roads and in the air, make for a cleaner environment. Tighter budgets. Possible inflation. Perhaps a pause to be mindful of what we are purchasing, where we are going, to be mindful of how we are “using” or “consuming.” Is that really such a bad thing? Do we really want interest rates to stay at zero……forever? If you save any money at all or have a CD, the zero-interest rate can be maddening. So many of us, simply do not have the ability or funds to invest in stocks and things of that nature. Saving is our “way” of investing in ourselves. This is an excellent practice, the returns, however, are laughable. So, do I want things to “return to normal?” I enjoy going out to eat, to a movie, spending time with friends for sure. This to, however, comes with some thought. A mindfulness of who will be present, what the covid rate is, how are folks behaving. And I like that! I decidedly am happy for many of the “new normal.” I do miss, deeply, the spirit of community and country. The spirit of love, peace and understanding. A willing to work together, instead of against each other. The last few years I miss that the most. How about you! As always I love to hear your comments. Until next time – Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals.

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