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Early Spring

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 3/4/2019
Early Spring
At last color arrives to the sanctuary gardens.   And Thank the weather has been horribly dreary, grey and rainy for days and days.  Even a bit of snow on the ground this early morning.  I like winter for the "slowing down" it offers.  I got slowed down, in ways I would not have imagined, this winter.  

I have spent long days wrapped in shawls and blankets, next to a heater in my bedroom.  It was simply too difficult to make a fire in my wood stove.  There are ample windows to the outside, where I can look out and ponder what it will be like when I can walk the property, when the dogs and I can go for our daily walks, when I can be in the woods hunting for all that springs up there this time of year.

Soon there will be delicious ramps and morels.  A "mess" of that combo will make anyone glad to be in the woods, on the land, in these sacred Great Smoky Mountains.  At the same time I will gather chickweed, early stinging nettles,  violet leaf and dandelion greens.  This potent combination of "green wonder" will lift up and nourish the body in a way you cannot imagine!  It is loaded with the "green minerals" we need after a long dark winter.  Meanwhile I have been enjoying dried nettle or MegaMineral Blend in an infusion!!  It's delicious too!!  And available in this HealingKit that has been so important to me in this winter of healing my elbow.

More on greens in an upcoming post.  Until then - Cynthia @ MoonMaid

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