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Embracing Aging

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 11/10/2019
Embracing Aging
About the time I got into this business of herbal creams and salves, the "anti-aging" market exploded.  Of course, all of us "hippies and nature folks" who thought we would not care that we aged, after all we threw away our razors and bras, we got rid of the make-up and then........we started to get older and wrinkly and a little pudgy.   And......we did care.  All of us boomers......what a market!   For the make-up industry, for the hair industry, for the pharmacy industry.  As, not only do we have product for our aging faces, our body, we even have a product to "anti-age" your vagina.  


When this product came across my desk......I could not have been more shocked.  I have been on a bit of a rant about this, and all "anti-aging" products.  It occurs to me......that if you hare not "aging" then you must be dead.  Right?  Veteran's Day brought this to the forefront for me......all of the many young men and women who did not get a chance to "age" or worry about "anti-aging."

I have decided to applaud my aging body.  I stopped coloring my hair some time back.  Of course, I do care "how I look" and want to look my best so I do take care to nourish my body, both internally and externally.  This is the best way to keep my skin looking good and assist in keeping my body in good shape.   

Once long ago, I had a body most women envied.  Not so anymore.  I am "older" and it's obvious.  I must move more, to keep my body lithe and limber.  When we slow down as we get older, sometimes that can become a challenge.  We do not have the energy we once did to exercise.  However, I cannot emphasize how important it is, for me, and I bet for you too.

As I talk with women in my work, it is obvious that many want "one thing" a "magic pill or potion."  I have discovered, there is not one.  So, I recommend and "drink nettles" daily for minerals that are so important for our skin and our glands.  This is the best way to keep "glands" nourished.  I have a regular nightly skincare routine.  And a weekly one too!  I use my Bliss Serum and RadiantRose Cream and, of course, my ProMeno wild yam cream.  Though I am well through menopause.....I find it a daily keep me balanced.  

Skincare is the next upcoming post.  Until then,

Cynthia @ MoonMaid 

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