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Finding creativity everywhere all around me......

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 1/13/2019
Finding creativity everywhere all around me......
I have been thinking a lot about the word creativity in a lot of different aspects like creating, creative space, creating space, creative visualizing and on and on.   I am in a creating mode in my life and business.  2019 promises many changes both areas of my "living."  I am up for the "creating!"

I ran across an Etch A Sketch recently.  I just had to have one.  There was always one around in my childhood.  I could not draw...anything recognizable.  Nor could I doodle anything on the etch any better.  But, I did not care and doodled with pleasure.  This was a "staple" toy for me, like a Slinky or Silly Putty.  Other items with which one can be creative.

As I looked around my home I noticed all of the items I have that were "created" by talented women of all ages.  Art stickers by my niece Lydia Johnston.  Pottery by my friend Elaine Miller.  Glitter that composts by some "plastic with purpose" chicks @ Universal Soul, or the beeswax "wraps" for fruits, veggies or even a bowl by Nadia Korth.  They are Great!!  All of these things.
Winter is a grand time to sink in, get out the crafts, make some bath salts with essential oils or create with a sewing machine.  I am going to gift myself with a small one.  But that's another blog post.

Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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