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Flower Essences

Flower Essences

Echinacea Blossoms

In this season of Spring….flowers seem to be on the mind of many of us. They are everywhere.  Cultivated and wildflowers can be used to create a very magical item, the essence of flowers.  I hope you enjoy this study of the wonderful spirit of flowers that includes a tutorial on how to create your very own flower essence. 

Flowers & Plants Have Spirit

The essence of a plant’s spirit is in the petals of their flowers, some say.  In this colorful gift resides the spirit of the plant.  Hence we use flower essences to deal with emotional issues.  When creating the essences, or using them, one is transformed into another realm, another way of thinking.  Working with flower essences is meditative and therefore uplifting or relaxing.  We gaze into the brilliant color of the blossoms and can be transported into another realm.  Echinacea blossoms come to mind.  They are a world among themselves. The delicate blossom on a strong sturdy stem, the leaves which are close to the earth; all is telltale messages about the flower essence of the plant.

Flowers Essence Balance Energy & Mental State

 Flower essences are a subtle way of balancing energy or dealing with the mental state that coexists with most physical ailments.  As well as being in pain, is the person depressed, afraid, stressed, sad, unhappy or grieving.  There is an essence for every mood and emotion.  Rescue Remedy, developed by Dr. Bach, is a combined set of essences effective for trauma, like an accident.  I carry a bottle in my car for unexpected emergencies.   I might come across an accident where simple emotional support may be effective.  Rescue Remedy works wonderfully in such situations.  Dr. Bach developed a set of 38 remedies, each flower having a subtle effect on the emotions and patterns apparent in the individual. 

Other Methodologies

There are several other flower essence methodologies to be studied.  The focus is on the obvious energy imprinted in the leaves, the flowers and in the plants' radiant energy.  There is much empirical observation done by marvelous herbalists available.  There are the Australian Bush Essences, Alaskan Essences, Findhorn Essences and on and on.  Each climate on the Earth yields a unique set of flowers and therefore essences.  The Flower Essence Society can be reached via 

How to Create Your Own Essence

  • One can also create their own set of essences.  Become involved in watching and sitting with plants that you feel attracted to in your garden.  
  • On a sunny day, find a clear crystal bowl, fill with spring water.  
  • Set this vessel near the flower you are intending to work with.  
  • Using the leaf of a neighboring plant, pick several petals of your chosen flower.  I like to leave several petals so as not to take everything from the blossom.  
  • Set the petals in the vessel in a full stream of sunlight.  
  • Do not let any shadow cross the path of the essence.  
  • Sit and meditate, ask for guidance in working with this plant and its flower. 
  • What does it’s stem, the shape, and color of the leaves, how it feels, tell you?  Write it down. 
  • After a few minutes or hours, your essence is complete when you feel it is so. Journal writing is an effective way of retaining and is very potent when looked back at over time.  You thereby create your own essence journal.  
  • Reflect and ask someone else their take on the flower.
  • Someone else's take on a plant is an important guideline but should not be taken as the “only” truth about the flower.  I encourage you not to get too stuck on what someone has identified about a flower and take with you the message you have received.  
  • This water makes a mother essence that will last you for years.  Adding about 1/16th part vegetable glycerin or vodka as a preservative will keep your essence viable for years.  

Create a dosing bottle

Fill your one-ounce dropper bottle with spring water and a few drops of vodka or glycerin, shake your mother bottle well asking for a potent dose bottle.  Some folks like to use 21 shakes.  

Add from 7 – 21 drops of the mother to your dose bottle.  You now have a working bottle which can be used alone or mixed with other essences.  A few drops added to a bit of water are all that is necessary.  

Since this remedy works on the emotional body; prayer, meditation or simple thanks to the plant will always heighten the healing effect.  I often add crystals to my mother essence bottles to give them an additional energetic boost. 


I have simply scratched the surface of all that is available in our wonderful healing world of flowers.  In essence, flowers are the happy faces of plants.  Deeper messages reside among the leaves and roots of its host home; the essence of the flower is another one of this plant's many gifts. 

Namaste…….Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals