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Healing....Part 2

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 2/8/2019
Healing....Part 2
Healing part 2 is PT, or physical therapy.  I have been in little pain......until now.  I have a "high tolerance" thank goodness as things have become quite a bit more intense.  Bandages are off. stitches are out, and I have a sturdy new plastic splint.  

This splint helps me carry my damaged left arm.  i feel supported.  Starting to lose the fear that the arm is floppy.....which it was after the fall.  Trying to manage the pain with cbd products as I cannot tolerate and refused opiates.  It is a journey.  I must lay myself down and stretch the arm, three times a day.  I find it daunting and scary.

Early on, my hand became very compromised.  Wrapping was too tight.  It took a minute for me to realize I could loosen it and get the blood flowing.  I have never been here before.  I am using Ouch Ointment on my hand.  This has helped the inflammation a lot.  CalendulaCream has helped soothe and hydrate the "funny skin."  At night, when I find I feel a little lonely and puny, I soak my feet in my claw foot tub, that I cannot yet get into, with BathBliss Soaking Salts.  This is the best I can do, for me, in this moment.

The journey continues.  Cynthia @ MoonMaid

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