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If anything can go will???

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 12/15/2019
If anything can go will???
Another year approaches an end.....a new year promises beginnings.
I do not know about you......but this year has been a doozey.
It did not always seem like "everything was going well."
Just about everything I had planned took a different turn then I would have imagined. 

I got my gift, a far infrared sauna, installed.
Before I even got to sit in it.......I broke my elbow badly.

Emotions ran high all Spring as we planned Mom's memorial.
A trip to California was everything.....and yet so much I did not get to "do."

There was a new place acquired for MoonMaid in Asheville, North Carolina, that is adequate yet not quite "right."

I went on a very spontaneous trip to Cabo with some cousins and had a great time.

I lost.  Some trust, some friends, some pets and some of my own self confidence.

I definitely did not plan to have a 2019 with so many twists and turns.
I started out thinking I knew exactly how things would go. 
I planned the best year ever in "forward movement."
LOL!!!!  We never really do "know", do we?

I think to paint a thousand words.
Most of the pics I look at of myself......depict me "tired and sort of worn out."  Even in Cabo!!!

And this is not meant to sound all depressed and sad............just reflection.
I continue to understand that "everything seems to happen for a reason." I drink tea and nourish myself as best I possibly can.  I try to "go easy on myself."  I know that "all wounds eventually heal."

2020 will be the best year ever, of course!!!
As every year is.  At this, or any age frankly, another year above the "best!"

I miss those things that have passed.
My kitty.....

But I know as sure as the sun rises everyday.....all the things I regret will have clearer meaning......and the NEW will be "as good as ever."
One of my favorite mottos is "if anything can go well it will" has been pasted to my front door for years now.
And I carry that into the 25th year of MoonMaid Botanicals, the 65th year of my life.

I will try to be the best, embrace all things.......and be the person I wish to see in my life.
Merry Holidays and Happy New Year.

Cynthia @ MoonMaid

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