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Life and Death, Transition, Change.......Hard

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 5/17/2020
Life and Death, Transition, Change.......Hard

Life and Death, transition, change, all seems hard at times. Often change is a dream dying away or loss of a friendship, loss, loss of any kind is hard.  Sometimes "loss" is even a habit.....or a food you realize you have to avoid? Seems like it should be easy to do.......and most definitely is not.  Anyone who has struggled with alcohol addiction, can tell affirm that fact..  Even when we know, we know something is "not good for us," we sometimes struggle to "refrain."  Again.....that can even be a "human."

My point is that, for certain, we will all experience "change" that is inevitable.  It is the one thing we can be absolutely sure of in this life.  Change will come.  To our bodies, to our minds, to the landscape of our lives.  It's all in how we "respond" to the change that can make a difference.

I have recently been trying with all my will, to learn the art of meditation.  I have been using "mantra" to help "get me there."  It is a Kundalini yoga practice......something I know little about....but am learning.  It is creating a change for me.  To be more centered, to sort of "roll with things" when "things" do not go as planned.  The mantra, sat ta na ma, is repeated out loud, then whispered, the repeated only in the mind and then whispered again and then spoken out loud.  In rounds of 26.  It is the most powerful meditation I have ever experienced.  I have only begun "practicing."  This chant means - infinity, life, transition, rebirth - in the most simple terms.  It helps me to accept "what is."

Challenged to accept that hard as I try, do some Live Facebook videos, which I love to record, and which I continue to have difficulties technical issues, with.  A new device perhaps.......a booster.....who knows. I keep trying. Do I delete....and start again......which I have done in the past.  Do I scrap them all and just "forget it" as I might do.  No. Instead, I decid to roll with it.  To accept the imperfection of the video, that was to be one short shot, instead is four, short videos.  I am flustered....and say plantain flower, instead of leaf......but I am not going to "scrap it."  I will accept what is, and hope you get a bit out of it.

Meanwhile, I think of what I can do differently next week.  And have some ideas.What would you like me to speak about?  Any suggestions.  Next week I plan to talk about two green beauties - plantain and comfrey.....which are abundant in the garden right now. 

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals.

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