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May Flowers and Mom's Day

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 5/11/2019
May Flowers and Mom's Day
May is such a wonderfully beautiful month for flowers around here. They are in the woods and in the garden beds.  Some of the rare beauties live here in the woods, like the Pink Ladyslipper.  There are foam flowers,  mayapple, trillium, trout lilies, wild indigo.  The cohosh's and ginseng are in bloom as well! 


 In the garden the Iris's are outstanding.  From the tiny wild iris or wild indigo, the state flower of tennessee a long tall beauty that blooms in yellow, white and purple.  And of course many cultivated colors that hail from a old Smoky Mountain Tennessee gal's old garden.  She claimed they were close to 100 years old.


With all the blooming......comes Mom day.  Instead of ordering a bouquet for Mom in Florida, or making a trip down to see her.  I will simply remember her and all the good times together.  Not always easy, as we were so alike we often battled.  But a mother who loved me always.  I always knew that.  

This photo of flowers are leftovers from bouquets both picked and purchased.  A few are still in water, but most have dried.  They still look awful pretty so I leave them.  Such color, in dead flowers, has caused me to ponder, when is life "gone."  What happens when a spirit "goes home."  Are we like these flowers, transitioning into "something new."  Keeps me thinking.
Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid

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