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SHOES - Accepting, accidents, and aging.....

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 2/17/2019
SHOES - Accepting, accidents, and aging.....
I am just about there....I keep telling myself.  Each day stretch and stretch my arm, up towards the sky....trying to get this new elbow to bend.  I almost there...but not there yet.  All in all my arm does feel better but not quite "my own" yet.  The entirety of my schedule has been changed.  I am working in a way I would never have thought possible, prior to this injury.  I am learning to be a better "director."

The  far infrared sauna, that I was heading out to when this injury happened, is fully functioning.   I have been out there, briefly, a couple of times.  I have to wait until my visit with Dr. B next Wednesday to get the okay for sitting in such a thing.  It is a light, not dry heat or steam........and is safe for folks with metal like me.  Thank goodness.  The heat feels good and very relaxing.

I am not sure how much more relaxed I could be.  So much time for sitting, reflecting, writing and healing.  It has been a wonderful journey.....despite the challenges.

This is the it's little building.  The Sauna Shed.

I keep using my "tools" - CalendulaBlossom Cream, OuchOintment, NourishingNettle infusion and washing myself with my Bliss Soap.  I will be so grateful when I can take a bath again!!   For now.....a sponge bath.  Soon, hopefully, I can get out in my shower. is outside.  So, a little chilly and a little rainy just yet.

I am offering the products mentioned above in a special discounted kit....The Healing Kit - all sales go towards getting the medical bills paid.  It is a great bargain - 50% discount and free shipping when you purchase this kit.

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