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MoonMaid Botanicals specializes in "small batch" hand crafted herbal products.  We like to say they are "good for you and safe for our planet."  Our premier line are wild yam products, crafted for women experiencing hormone distribution, are completely chemical and hormone free.  Menopause is, however, a life transition and not a disease.   The environment, diet as well as aging often create difficulties where women feel it necessary to seek some sort of help.  Often these women turn to wild yam products instead of bio-identical products or prescription drugs.

We also create a line of skincare products that are designed for "women of a certain age."  No matter your age, these are elegant, light and completely herbal creams, serums, bath salts, soap and more.

Nutrition is also at the "core" of what we do.  The things we put in our mouth's have a great effect on our health.  Our nourishing teas are designed to assist in than endeavor.
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ProVital Combo Kit
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Mega Mineral Blend
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YeastFree Salve
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