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Social Distancing

Posted by Cynthia Johnston - MoonMaid Botanicals on 4/18/2020
Social Distancing
We've all been thinking a lot about it. To be social is to come together.  To distance is, well, the opposite.  To remain apart.  To keep away.  An interesting concept to "practice."  And practice we must.  To stop the spread of this virus.  And it is challenging!! Don't you think?  How often to step to hug someone if you are out.  Or touch your face and think "oh shoot."  Or leave the house without your gloves and mask.  I've done each, multiple times.....and I am barely leaving the house.

Zoom has become a popular method of talking with family. It does have that added bit of visual too, which I find delightful!  I heard that some find it exhausting? is, a way of connecting.  It was already a popular tool for business associates to communicate, now it is crucial!  Part of our new way of doing things.

I also learned, somewhere out there in the social networking world, that this is "write a note" month.  Something like that.  What I mean is that it is the month to revert to the old-fashioned way of "communicating."  Writing.  Like I am doing here or perhaps without the keyboard.  To actually sit down and jot a note, or a paragraph, or pages to a friend or loved one.

I have found myself writing more letters and cards and sending out little packages.  I found a whole bunch of Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, which I had stocked up on last fall.  It is one of my favorite "green" companies.  The TP is bamboo or 100% recycled paper.  The packaging is fun and has notes.  Even "to and from" on some of them.  It is a fun company, and one I like to support as I reduce plastic, there is zero plastic from this company. 

No plastic tape, no plastic wrapper, no plastic at all.  This is critical to me here at Medicine Woods, my botanical sanctuary in the Smoky Mountains.  Critical as I strive, to "live as close to the earth as I can. That's a mouthful, or a thoughtful," I guess.  I do have electricity.  And running water.  And, a composting toilet.  It is a very very basic method, fill buckets and dump into a "collection area."  You "shit in a bucket" literally my brother-in-law said to me once.  Well, yes.  I do.  It looks a bit like a toilet in that it has a regular toilet seat and lid.  And it works.  Buckets fill, I dump in containment area (4 square hay bales).  When it gets up to the top, I add more hay bales and on it goes for a year.  Then it ages for a year.  Then it is beautiful dirt.

Living on this land has taught me how to distance in a happier way then I imagine those in cities are experiencing.  The kids in Spain, who have been indoors for six weeks.  I am lucky.  I know I am lucky.  Oh, but yes I have a mortgage, and I do worry about "things."  I recognize that I am also lucky to have an online business.  Unlike some businesses, I can go on.  More slowly perhaps, but go on. 

I have noticed, amidst all of "this" Mama Earth take a big pause.  Animals are happy in there environment without all the human activity.  The air clears as car traffic lessens.  The birds seem to be rejoicing around here. And as I practice social distancing, I am finding a deeper relationship with myself.  Living alone has demanded I do so.  Or.....or what.  I do what I must do, as we all are attempting to do.  We are all "practicing."

I think of all of you, my customers and friends.  I send you warm thoughts and virtual hugs.  I look forward to the moment we can once again come together for a cup of tea or a night of games.  I look forward to similar activities.  I do not, however, expect to ever live in the world that is being left behind.  Perhaps it is time, time for a great big change.

Until next time - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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