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Supermarkets and Lawns and Gardens

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 4/29/2021
Supermarkets are great! Aren’t they? I was in a big box store today. The things that would end up as trash or waste, was simply amazing. I mean, all the packaging all the plastic bags, the Styrofoam trays, plastic bottles, glass bottles……a lot of stuff that is not food. A lot of stuff that must be “dealt” with after you enjoy the stuff inside. And then I got to thinking about how many people buy the worst stuff on the shelf. The white bread, the sodas, cookies, frozen junk, processed cheese… know…..a whole bunch of food that is not particularly good for you. And then I began to look around me. Everyone, and I mean every single person I saw was obese…..not just a little, a lot. Around the corner I found the fairly slim young couple, who won’t be that way long, I suggest, by the stuff in their cart. Nor will the child they were wheeling around. And then I took a drive around the town. This is an old southern town with houses that have large yards, front and back. This is a farming town, actually. And I got to thinking. Mowing season has begun. The driving mowers, power mowers, weedeaters and blowers were abundant on every street. And the spraying. Of sweet little plants like dandelions and chickweed and cleavers and plantain. Poison, killing a bunch of plants that all those large folks in the store could use very much. If they had any idea. Any idea at all what a boatload of nutrition, is right out there in the yard. A little snip, some hot water, a tea cup…..and you have your vitamins in a cup of tea. And the yards. What an absolute waste of space. Yes yes, it looks pretty. But what if those yards were turned into gardens. What if all those folks, large folks, were growing stuff that is a hec of a lot better then what is in that big box store. For sure, folks do garden here. But those great big “super” markets, that have everything, are teaching us to be unhealthy – rather then helping us to be healthy. Right? When the convenience of stores became a reality in our country, the story was that this would help with nutrition in poor neighborhoods, that we would be able to eat better, as women went to work, and needed a bit more convenience while they juggled two lives. I remember back in the 60’s when grocery stores began to have so much of everything. The combining of grocery and all that other stuff. You know the stores I mean. It’s convenient. But…….I think it has made us lazy. Toxic and out of touch with mother nature. So, this year, I will plant a garden. I will support small local growers and purchase items that have the least packaging, I can possibly can. And if I had a would become a garden. No more mowing. Just a bit of weeding as there would be not pesticides. And I believe, getting out, pulling a few plants that are in the wrong place, can be a meditative and healing thing. Just a silly little idea. What do you think? Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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