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The Moon -

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 2/19/2019
The Moon -
The moon.   So full on Tuesday evening.  It is not always to capture a great picture of the moon, at least for me.  It sure was this time.  I felt safe to walk out on my bedroom deck and hold my camera to the sky.  Feeling more secure....and that brilliant light in the evening sky sure felt like it was "powering me up" or something.  I was filled with energy and emotion.  Taking in all of that healing light, as I continue my journey with a broken elbow.

The moon, I have noted throughout my life, flows with my cycle, my menstrual cycle.  As a super young lady, I did not pay too much attention.  In my early 20's, however, I noted.....I flowed near a full moon....all of my "flowing" life. I felt energized and emboldened by the moonlight, and the cycle from my body that seemed so in sync with it.

Now as an older woman who no longer cycles, it is a different experience completely.  All I want to do is sleep......with the light of the moon shining on me.  No longer do I feel tugged to sit all evening, gazing at her light.  Instead I want to "curl up in it."  And, to be clear, I no longer "bleed" but I most definitely DO feel my body "cycles" with the "tides of the shifting moonlight."

Menstruation, so connected to the cycles of the moon, seems an important thing to talk about.  What if we told young women that their cycle is 28 days, just like the moon from new to full.  What if we educated them.......that it is not once a month, it is every 28 days.  What if young women knew when they were ovulating.....and ripe to get pregnant?  How would it help them navigate the world of birth control, abstinence, condoms, and diseases.  What if?  I for one, know for sure, that when I came to this knowledge it empowered me.  I felt suddenly like I understood myself more fully.  My moods, my body changes.  When Planned Parenthood had the good wisdom to show me what a uterus and a menstruating uterus look like, it became obvious why I gained 5 pounds.  It no longer seemed like a horrible, or "something wrong with me," sort of thing.  Knowledge.  It is powerful.

Until next post - Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals'

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