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The beginning.....

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid on 5/17/2023
The beginning.....
In the beginning there was a job at a doctors office in Sebastopol California. This doctor was not only into natural, she was also an herbalist. Based on a sales pitch from a friendly pharmaceutical salesman, she began prescribing "natural estrogen" ie premarin. Horse urine. Pregnant mares urine, to be exact. A horrid and cruel process of collecting urine, and participation in the slaughter of horses for dog be even more exact. When we were informed by a regular patient.......the doctor and myself were horified.

A deep dive into the work of Dr. John Lee, the "progesterone" expert of the day revealed that progesterone is, indeed, the hormone women need. Not estrogen!! Yes....really.  More on that later in this story. As these "natural" products, in every natural food store I went into, were called wild yam, which is what bio-identical progesterone isbeing made from, we thought, that an infusion would yield a "wild yam" product.  When tested however, even after our best infusing efforts, the products showed only a negligible amount of progesterone.  But.......

they were working great for the patients coming off of Premarin and other chemical hormone products.  What is the action, what is the pathway.  I am just recently learning more about this.  That's another post.

In the beginning I made a cream for optimal absorption into the bloodstream.  That's the ProMeno Women's Wild Yam Cream.  And I created the Vital V Wild Yam Salve for use in the vaginal area.  This sticky salve is wonderful for soothing and healing dry and thinning tissue, yes, down there!!!

MoonMaid was birthed out of an idea that women can and should maintain health without the use of chemicals.  Should is a strong word.....I mean to suggest that menopause is not a disease.  It is a "life transition" like puberty.  It does not requre drugs or medical go well.

What it does require is that YOU, yes YOU, must accept responsiblity for your body.  What are you doing that is harming the beautiful container you live in?  What can you do to make this body feel better?  Lifestyle.  Lifestyle is all it takes.  Are you willing to alter your lifestyle to feel vibrant in these potent menopausal years?  Or will you take drugs instead?

More on MoonMaid's history, menopause and such,  coming in the next few days.......

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