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Posted by Cynthia Johnston - MoonMaid Botanicals on 1/21/2020
It is an interesting thing to ponder.  As youth, we think "we have forever."  When an older person dies, it seems normal in our world.  Then, perhaps, someone "young" dies.  One of our friends.  This happened to me in junior high.  I recall being "rocked" by the event.  My best friend had a crush on this guy.  It seemed like the end of the world.  And then a week and then a month passed.  The boy was just a picture in the year book.

As an older person, we watch our friends begin to die, or sicken, or even lose their minds.  This will "rock" your world too.  In a completely different way.  In some of the dying their is complete shock.  In some, burden in care-taking, even when you do so willingly, is extremely hard.  And sometimes, we watch our loved ones wither away, which is incredibly sad.

As I have aged, I realize I have a lot more time behind me then I do in front of me.  I have an urgency to appreciate everything in my life, I have noted.  An urgency to care for myself, perhaps in ways I have not addressed before.  Each day "above ground" is a gift.

I heard this one day -
A caregiver asked his client who had cancer, "how does it feel to know you are dying?"  To which she replied, "how does it feel to pretend you aren't?"   How about that!!!

It is important we remember that.  And remember to care for ourselves.  Self-care, self-awareness, self-connection - is so important as each sunrise comes and goes.  I will write a bit more on "self-care" in my next post.
Until then,
Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals

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