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Vitamin C in Skincare

Posted by Cynthia on 9/3/2021
Vitamin C in Skincare

Vitamin C in Skincare 

If you have used MoonMaid’s Bliss Serum, you have been getting a potent amount of vitamin C with your daily dose.  And hyaluronic acid too!  The blend of oils is offers a potent form of vitamin A.   We add vitamin E and ferulic acid as additional nutrients for the skin and also to help to make this serum’s vitamin C content as bioavailable as possible.  And keep it stable over time. 

But to be honest, this is not a product that can/or should be left on the shelf for months and months.  A more “commercial” product will store forever.  These big batch products that are all the shampoos, creams, salves and moisturizers, are made in mass quantities, packaged by machines with lots of preservatives and chemicals added.  To make them, of course, last forever.  Ewwww.  Not what I want to be putting on my skin, the largest organ of my body. 

That is not how we do things here at MoonMaid.  Every batch of every product is handcrafted in small amounts.  Not just because we are a “small” business – but because it gives more control.  It allows us to give personal attention to every jar or bottle or bag of tea that we blend.  It’s sort of like making a cake, you cannot just double the batch and think everything will be just right.  As I have learned, it won’t.  

It is true that I have a natural intuition about “how things should be blended.”  I just do.  My right-hand gal, Jaimie, on the other hand is the “science girl.” She wants to be sure that the vitamin C that is added to the serum and the upcoming Bliss Cream, is actually going to do what a customer expects.  That it is, in fact, going to benefit the skin.  That it will last sitting on the bathroom shelf for as reasonable amount of time possible.  I still don’t mean months and months. 

One might ask “know we are doing it right?” How do we know the added vitamins are effective?  How do you know that about any product?  Small business or a commercial one?  This is where Jaimie comes in. She makes sure percentage ratio and the Ph levels are where they should be.  And the results have been amazing!!! 

I cannot tell you how many products I have tried, even the “icky” ones.  To see.  Do they work?  Big companies make big batches and I have not found one yet that satisfies me.  None.  But simple plant based products are amazing.  They are effective.   They achieve amazing results.  But let’s be clear, aging is a part of life.  Our bodies will morph into something we may or may not be able to embrace.  AND, we can look as good as possible, as long as possible, without spending hundreds of dollars at the cosmetic counter. 

We use the most basic vitamin C in the BlissSerum and the forthcoming BlissCream.  Basic, pure and wonderful for the skin of “women of a certain age” and everyone frankly.  BlissToner is also plant based and simple.  Witch hazel infused with flowers with a bit of organic aloe and pure essential oils added.  Lovely after washing your face. 

If you have ever heard me talk about skin care you know that I like to keep things simple. And extremely basic.  I remove any make-up with a cream and an organic cotton ball.  Any cream.  You do not need a special jar labeled eye make-up remover.  And please, do not use Kleenex.  We do not want to be rubbing wood fibers on our face.  

Then wash your face and neck with a warm wet cloth.  NO SOAP.  Please, soap is way to harsh for this sensitive area of our body.  The skin is the largest organ of our body.  It needs different things in different areas, if you know what I mean.  Our face does not need soap.  After washing all the residue of the day off your face, spray liberally with FlowerPower Toner.  I fan my face for a moment and then roll BlissSerum all over my face, neck and decollette.  I even put it on my forearms it feels and smells so good.  I follow this routine religiously every morning and evening.  At night I add the BlissCream for the extra moisturizing qualities of this nourishing formula.

We will be launching the new cream the first October.  Meanwhile, you can get the serum and toner right here.  




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