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Wild Yam

Wild Yam Cream Benefits

ProMeno Wild Yam Cream and Vital “V” Wild Yam Salve Combo Kit

How are these different from bio-identical progesterone products?

There is a lot of confusion about just what the difference IS between bio-identical progesterone creams, “wild yam” products and prescription drugs. To further confuse issues, doctors often call prescription hormone products progesterone when they are, in fact, synthetic progesterone or “progestins."

What works? What is safe? How much do we need? Why do we need it anyway? Isn't menopause a normal life transition like puberty? How is it that it is now an “ailment to be treated" in our modern world?

About Progesterone

Progesterone, though our middle hormone is called the "master hormone" of our sex hormones, by Dr. John Lee, author of What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause. Progesterone plays a critical role in keeping our three estrogens and our androgen (testosterone) in balance. That being said it would seem logical that we should pay attention to keeping this hormone abundant and in balance if our estrogen and androgen (testosterone) are to be balanced.

That's right, in order for our estrogen to be in balance, we must have adequate progesterone. And, if it keeps our "androgen/testosterone" in balance, that would indicate it is responsible for our sex drive. And it also plays a big role in skin and bone integrity. That would indicate it assists in keeping us 'looking our best" as we age. It is hugely important and I don't think we talk enough about it. If women are "out of balance" it seems generally assumed that we must need estrogen. And it just is not so, in my humble opinion.

Menopause Relief

In 20 years in business, I have seen women try all manner of complicated combinations of hormones, both bio-identical and prescription. I have seen some have limited success. Many have some "relief" for a bit and then are off searching for "something else." Through a haze of discomfort and confusion, these ladies often find MoonMaid Botanicals. Often very confused. Let's see if we can clear some of that up.

About the Wild Yam Herb

Wild Yam is a beautiful southeastern herb. It is a native to the Smoky Mountains of Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina. It is an endangered native species and on the United Plant Savers watch list. MoonMaid has adopted this plant and protect it on the 5 acres botanical sanctuary in Cosby, Tennessee. It is a lovely graceful green vine with delightful heart-shaped leaves that grow in "whorls" or circles. It is easy to spot once you know it. This lovely specimen grows very near the Medicine Wheel in the garden, as well as throughout the medicine trail in these woods.

From the tuberous root, the alkaloid diosgenin is extracted and converted into bio-identical progesterone. This "hormone" is then added to creams, patches, and other bio-identical products. Bio-identical progesterone is further altered by adding a chemical molecule that creates a “drug” that can be patented. These added “chemical molecules” come with many complications based on reports from my clientele. And some dangerous side-effects as well.

Topical Creams and Salves

A third version of “wild yam” is a true herbal formula. Wild yam infused in an oil, which is then blended into a cream or salve for topical application. Hormone-free, this product is often the choice of women who have had cancer, fibroids or endometriosis which have been directly connected to environmental or xeno-estrogens.

Our wild yam salves and creams assist the body with progesterone production naturally. Topical application is more effective for progesterone or wild yam products because passage through the liver tends to decrease the effectiveness and potency because of the potent alkaloid, diosgenin is destroyed as it passes through the liver. Herbal products do not convert directly into progesterone but seem to assist the body with progesterone production. MoonMaid makes a wild yam cream, ProMeno, and a salve, Vital “V.”

Why two wild yam products?

ProMeno Women’s Wild Yam Cream is applied to the skin, anywhere on the body for absorption into the bloodstream. Vital “V” Wild Yam Salve is “stickier” and designed for use directly in the vaginal area. MoonMaid also makes a wild yam cream for men, ProAndro Men’s Wild Yam Cream that contains prostate tonic herbs sarsaparilla, nettle root and saw palmetto with the added benefit of wild yam.