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Consultation with Cynthia, founder MoonMaid Botanicals

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Always keep your regular physician informed of any herbal products you are using.

After 25 years of nearly daily discussion with women about menopause, I am excited to offer my service to you as your Menopause Herbalist.  I say that with a "bit of a grin."  It's just that, I can humbly say, I think I have heard it all.  The stories of your "discomforts," your "wonderment" at your changing body, your experiences with your doctors, the man in your life, or the lack of even caring if there is or not!!!  It has brought me to a place of understanding.  And this helps me to understand you.  

Upon receiving your completed Intake Form we'll have a conversation and decide which MoonMaid  Botanicals Remedies would be most appropriate for you, and what other lifestyle changes may be important. This service INCLUDES YOUR FIRST MONTH'S REMEDIES.  

I will check back in with you in a month's time to see how things are going after using the products.

It is my mission to remind women that their menopause is not something to be dreaded, it is a life transition similar to puberty.  This is a powerful time to embrace yourself!!  I will offer you my experience in "enjoying" this moment in your life, rather than dreading it.

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  • You should ALWAYS consult with your doctor or any other type of professional you are working with before making any changes.  My suggestions are based on my decades of experience, my own menopause, and logical lifestyle suggestions that I have found helpful.  
  • None of my suggestions are or should be taken as medical advice.  
  • Please consult with your medical doctor or other medical professionals before making any changes to your health routine.

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