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Herbal Infusions

Stinging Nettle (or any nourishing herb) Infusion Instructions

I begin every single day with Stinging Nettle Infusion. An infusion is a very strong tea. Generally made in a glass jar that I let steep overnight. If you use a wide mouth mason jar, sprouting lids work well as a strainer for pouring.

This “tea” is a great way to get a wide array of minerals and some vitamins too! Specifically, it has great calcium to magnesium content, is full of iron and is rich in chlorophyll. It is truly a green gem of the forest.  One cup of nettle infusion gives you 1/3 of your daily calcium needs!!!  If you are going to drink water, as Susun Weed says, you might as well drink an herbal infusion!!  It becomes one of your glasses of water that I hope you are drinking daily.

    Recipe for a Half Gallon of Herbal Infusions

  • 1/2 cup dry nettles or other herbs of your choice
  • Place into a clean glass jar – at least 1 quart in size, I like ½ gallon jars.
  • Cover with “almost” boiling water
  • Cap loosely and allow to “steep” on your counter until it reaches room temperature. Then cap and refrigerate overnight or for the day.
  • Strain liquid from herbs and Enjoy! I consume the entire ½ gallon throughout the day. Begin again and always have it on hand.
  • Compost plant material if possible.

This mineral-rich beverage is a great way to flood your body with bio-available minerals especially when consumed on an empty stomach!!! It a mild flavor that does not need sweetening. It is an excellent adrenal adaptogen for those of us who are feeling sluggish, are suffering from insomnia or anxiety. This is your “medicine cabinet” in a plant. I recommend it to all of the women I work with who are having menopausal or "hormone imbalance" symptoms. When one’s hormones are imbalanced the adrenals work hard to assist the ovaries in progesterone production. Nettles are super nourishing for the adrenals!! 

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