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Medicine Woods Sanctuary

Great Smoky Mountains, Cosby TN
 ~ Dedicated to the preservation, protection and propagation of endangered medicinal woodland plants ~

Medicine Woods Is a natural woodland garden nestled on of 5 magical acres on Tall Poplar Way, near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, in east Tennessee.  It is my home and I consider myself lucky to be the caretaker of this wonderland in the woods.  It if full of medicinal herbs, mosses, hardwood trees and mushrooms!!  And many endangered medicinal herbs and plants including wild yam, goldenseal, black and blue cohosh, trillium, pink Lady Slippers, mayapple, and bloodroot.  All are found in a natural hardwood forest natural woodland garden.The Smoky Mountains are an amazing bountiful spot chocked full of many of so many of the "herbal supplements" we see in our “medicine cabinets” like ginseng, goldenseal and stinging nettles.

The Spring of 2021 will be, at last, the launching of classes, walks, programs for children and adults and a HipCamp, and Air B and B for campers.  It will be a lot of fun to host folks and show them the beauty and magic that is everywhere you look around here.   

The delays we all experienced in 2020, seemed to actually work out quite well for us here, as this quiet time allowed for improvements in learning spaces, the gardens and trails.  We look forward and will post updates on the website  as they become scheduled.  Meanwhile, here are a few plant photos from many walks in the garden.

As a young person in California, I would never have imagined myself in the South.  The plants, however, had a different plan.  As I developed my company, MoonMaid Botanicals, I found myself drawn to new woods and mountains, then those I grew up with.  Wild yam is an herb I have worked extensively with over the last 30 years.  It offered its medicine secrets to me years ago, and I have observed powerful and almost magical shift for women experiencing hormone imbalance.  I nurture this plant and the many other medicinal plants I find here in my woodland garden.

It has become my mission and my honor to spread the good word about medicinal plants.  A part of that mission is teaching sustainable use, propagation, and how to nurture our environment to invite these plants, and all other plants and beings on this planet, to live with clean air, water and soil.  It is not hard.  It does take effort.  I hope my lifestyle at Medicine Woods serves as an example of “what most certainly, can be done.” Find us on Facebook, Instagram and @

Cynthia @ Medicine Woods   

  ~ Member of the United Plant Savers network of Botanical Sanctuaries ~