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Celebrating 25 Years!!!

Posted by Cynthia @ MoonMaid Botanicals on 1/11/2020
Celebrating 25 Years!!!
In 1995 I began this little herb business based on the advice of my teacher at that time, Amanda McQuade Crawford.  I had absolutely no idea how in the world it would play out.  I knew about printing business cards, as I was a massage therapist.  But labels, and supplies and distribution were a bit of a mystery to me.

My entrepreneurial nature guided me down the path.  My Dad had recently passed away, yet I consulted him daily on what to do and which way to turn.  Soon, I was visiting stores and learning the path of a product salesperson.  It was fun.  I was passionate about the products.

My passion for wild yam began when I learned bio-identical progesterone was made from it.  I had decided, with the physician I worked for, that we could produce a salve and a cream.  One for application as an herbal alternative to topical bio-identical products found in health food stores and a salve for the extremely common issue of "vaginal dryness."

Truthfully, at the time, we thought we were creating a "progesterone" product.  It took some time, and a "test" to discover that progesterone was miniscule.  But, the product did seem to be providing some positive results for the women using them.  I forged on after the doctor and I parted ways.  It just seemed meant to be.

I will be celebrating this "little business that could" all year with specials and collaborations with other smaller herb companies.  Here is one special going on now.  With my friends at The Essential Herbal, Tina and Mary Ann.
Check out this delightful magazine, if you have not done is full of excellent herbal information and recipes!!!


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