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MoonMaid's Medicinals

Times of hormone imbalance and transition are a normal part of life, not a disease! 

For women, perimenopause and menopause can be incredibly tough, with a range of symptoms that can include anxiety, insomnia, stress, muscle tension, hot flashes, dry skin, vaginal dryness and pain, low sex drive (low libido), painful and irregular periods, osteopenia, as well as terrible mood swings. 

Men may also have hormonal imbalances in middle age, sometimes called male menopause or “menopause,” with symptoms that resemble female menopause and may also include low testosterone (or low T) or erectile dysfunction (ED). 

These situations can greatly decrease your quality of life and make you feel helpless and confused. It’s hard to navigate the options available to find treatments that actually work and don’t cause debilitating side effects or contain toxic chemicals and hormones! And doctors don’t always know what to do, other than to prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or other pharmaceutical drugs that can be addictive or have serious side effects. There is a better way – nature’s way! 

Get the balance without the hormones 

MoonMaid Botanicals has worked for 25 years to craft a line of all-natural products that are meant to assist the body during this life journey – cleanly and safely, with zero chemicals or hormones.   

Our line of MoonMaid's Medicinals includes ProMeno Women's Wild Yam Cream, ProAndro Men's Wild Yam Cream and Vital V Wild Yam Salve. We've crafted these products from the finest organic ingredients and woodland herbs that have been used for eons by our ancestors – herbs grown right here at Medicine Woods. These wild yam products are unique and designed to naturally assist the body in finding hormone balance. 

This line also includes YeastFree Salve, a potent goldenseal salve with tea tree oil, and BreastBalm, a powerful St. John's Wort and poke root salve used for breast massage.  Poke and St. John's are two other wonderful herbs growing right here on the land at Medicine Woods.

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