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Q. Why do you use bubble wrap?

A:  Because we are comitted to packaging in glass it is best to wrap these products small bubble bubble wrap.  If you ever receive "large bubble" bubble wrap, this is packaging material we have received and are reusing.  Same for air pillows or compostable peanut style packing material.  The only plastic "materials" I purchase are bubble wrap and plastic wrapping for the YeastFree Ointment.  

Q. Do you recycle?

A:  Absolutely!!!!  Everything and anything we can.  We "reuse" to, as mentioned above.  Reducing waste is a top priority at MoonMaid Botanicals.  It always has been a core principal.  In this new decade of 2020, and MoonMaid's 25th year, we realize that glass is getting harder to recycle.  We remember that glass is reusable and do so when we can.  It is a daily thought process to walk gently on this Earth.

Q. Where can I find MoonMaid products?

A:  MoonMaid Botanicals products are available in natural food stores throughout the USA.  If you do not find them in your local market contact me, Cynthia, at MoonMaid and I'll see if I can help you out. 865.217.9453  Or simply ask your store to contact me.

 Q:  Do you offer a money back guarantee? 

A:  ABSOLUTELY!  If you are not satisfied with your product for any reason, once we receive it back in our facility, a refund will be issued??

Q:  What is the difference between ProMeno Women’s Wild Yam Cream and Vital “V” Wild Yam Salve??

A:  ProMeno is a cream and Vital “V” is a salve.  A salve sticks to a moist area better then a cream, a cream is absorbed into the skin faster than a salve.  Hence the two types with different areas of us.  

Q: How much progesterone is in ProMeno Women’s Wild Yam Cream?

A:    None.  Though it is made from wild yam it has not been converted into progesterone.  We say “it assists the body in achieving hormone balance.”  The exact pathway to that balance we do not know.  We simply know that our many customers report positive results. 

Q:  How do I know all of the ingredients are organic?   

A:  The herbs used in all of our products are either grown by MoonMaid, wildcrafted by a reputable wild-crafter or purchased from a reputable dealer of organic and wildcrafted herbs. (see resources)  The olive oil and Aloe Vera used is organic, the beeswax is obtained from an ethical beekeeper and everything else is as "clean" as can be found.

Q:  Why do you ship U.S. ail instead of UPS?

A:  We have found USPS to be faster and more efficient for our needs.??Q:  Why are MoonMaid Botanicals products the right choice??A:  These products are absolutely hormone free as well as free of chemical preservatives.  None of our products is ever tested on animals.  We print our catalogs on 100% recycled paper and encourage the recycling of our jars and lids!!  Our motto is “good for you and safe for our planet.”?

Any other questions??

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