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Herbs as Aphrodisiacs

Herbs as Aphrodisiacs 

Herbs affect all of our senses and are extremely effective in “setting a mood.”   Flowers, warm inviting aromas, bed sheets spritzed with an essential oil spray, a delightful bath with scented candles and bath salts, a luscious massage oil or cream, a playful herbal salve for intercourse, candied rose petals or ginger, are all examples of ways that herbs and herbal essential oils can be used to create the perfect romantic experience. 

Using essential oils in incense, sprays, or oils is called Aromatherapy.  These are simple ways of using herbs to create a romantic experience.  An essential oil spray can be used to scent sheets, as a room freshener, or body splash.  Here’s a simple recipe: 

Aromatherapy Water

  •  Get a small spray bottle of your choosing – 4 oz is a good size
  •  Put about one teaspoon of rubbing alcohol into the bottle
  •  Add 30 – 90 drops of essential oil
  •  Excellent choices are lavender, rosemary, sage, patchouli, myrrh, rose geranium, clary sage, and chamomile.  

Bath/Massage Oil 

  • Use any light oil for your base oil like apricot kernel, sweet almond oil, or sesame oil excellent choices.  
  • Add 30 – 60 drops of essential oils, shake well.  
  • Use generously for a massage or add ¼ to ½ cup to a bath.   

Create a Natural Lubricant:

  • To 1 cup oil add 1 tablespoon grated beeswax.  
  • Over low heat, melt the beeswax into your oil.  
  • Put in a bowl or jar to cool.   
  • This salve is an excellent, natural lubricant or rub.     

Essential oils can be combined to create bath salts.  I incorporate milk, a relaxant and a couple of other ingredients for my soaking pleasure.  For my LoveBath, I use both soaking salts and oil drizzled on top.  Of course, the bathroom is full of flowers and candles, incense fills the room. make bath salts I add a few other ingredients known to create relaxation and that are good for the skin.  Try this: 

Scented Bath Salts

  •   ½ cup Epsom salts
  •   ½ cup powdered milk
  •   ½ cup sea salt
  •   ¼ cup baking soda (makes the skin really soft)
  •   Scent with 30 – 60 drops of essential oils mentioned above. 

Cordials are another wonderful way to use herbs as titillating flavors. This is a beverage created with brandy, vodka or wine steeped with herbs.  These require a bit of planning but are well worth the effort.  

  •   Place 1 vanilla bean, 3 cinnamon sticks, ½ c Muira Puama, ¼ c carob pods, a few coffee beans, ¼ cup cloves (and any other thing that strikes your fancy) into a 1-quart jar. 
  •   Cover the herbs with white wine or vodka. 
  •    Add ½ cup honey (glycerin or maple syrup could also be used)
  •   Cap tightly, shake well put into a dark cabinet and let ”steep” for two weeks or longer.

 These beverages are wonderful served over ice, added to coffee or sparkling water.  Other herbs might be; roses, lavender, passionflower, kava kava, damiana, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, anise, licorice, coconut, and sarsaparilla. 

A world of possibilities awaits you.  To learn more about creating herbals check out my EBook - The Art of Simpling or Botanica Erotica, by one of my very own teachers, Dianna De Lucca.