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Vitex - A Woman's Herb

Chaste Berry (Vitex Agnus)

Chasteberry Vitex Plant

About Chasteberry

Chasteberry is an important women’s herb. It is also known as Vitex.  Once thought to quell the “hormonal urges of men,” it was taken by priests and monks.  Considered a potent “phytohormone” herb, it is a powerful medicine for women. The Phyto(plant) hormone activity helps the body keep progesterone levels optimal, which is critical. If you know anything about MoonMaid Botanicals, you know that we focus on this hormone specifically, rather then estrogen, when dealing with “imbalance” or menopause issues. 

Progesterone, though the second hormone in our triad of sex hormones, is critical to keeping everything else balanced.  Vitex is a big help for that and is why it's a critical herb in two of my women’s formulas. 

I have long loved Vitex because of its very intense smell.  That “scent” is inviting to some and “not so pleasant” to others.  If you have the “yuck” factor, that is a sign it is not the herb for you.  Mostly this happens with men, but a small population of women too.  


My favorite method of consuming Vitex is in a tincture form.  It can be used in a tea too.  Capsules are never my suggested way of taking herbs of any kind.  

Cultivation and Usage

Vitex is a bushy plant that can attain 8 – 10 feet in height.  It is so bushy that it can be planted into a hedge. That intense fragrance in the leaves and berries make it a wonderful insect repellant in the garden. Plant one near the front door!  You won’t have as many flying critters!  The berries are the most common part of this plant used in herbal medicine; however, I have recently started to use the leaves as well. 

Since the early 1900’s studies suggest that Vitex is helpful in regulating female hormones, stimulates breast milk production, will ease PMS and peri-menopause or menopause symptoms as well as being effective in easing endometriosis symptoms.  Whether in your 20’s or 60’s it can be of great benefit.