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Hand-Crafted Herbal Remedies - Good for you, safe for our planet!!!

Since 1995, MoonMaid Botanicals has been hand-crafting small batch, pure plant products to help women balance their hormones and maintain health without toxic chemicals. Woman-owned and woman-operated, we deliver wonderfully clean products that help women (and men) tap into the power of their own bodies. The body you live in is not a “problem” that requires medical intervention – it’s a miracle that needs gentle, natural assistance to function at its best.

Made with love and attention

All our sustainable products are free of perfumes, chemicals and hormones. Only natural essential oils, organic or wild-crafted herbs, and organic base oils are used in MoonMaid products. Using them is a ritual of self-care and healing as they may help to:

  • Ease perimenopause and menopause symptoms
  • Regulate and ease menstrual issues
  • Prevent hysterectomies wherever possible
  • Encourage natural birthing practices
  • Connect women with the normal, natural cycle of their lives.  

Healing yourself, healing the planet

Did you know that prescription hormone replacement therapy (HRT) contains horse estrogen and dangerous chemicals? And that the “bio-identical” progesterone or estrogen in that cream from the natural foods store actually contains hormones? There must be a better way!

Our products deliver the balance without the hormones. This benefits you and the Earth. As the planet continues to be saturated with toxic estrogens from plastic pollution, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, we’re not just dealing with menopause issues. Concerns now include infertility, difficult periods, endometriosis, fibroids, early-onset puberty, breast growth in boys and other estrogen dominance conditions.

Meet the Menopause Herbalist

As the founder, formulator and herbalist for MoonMaid, Cynthia has helped thousands of women with menopause issues over the past 25+ years. She puts all of her great passion and skill into blending powerful plants into remarkable remedies. Menopause is not a disease, but a time of transition to be embraced.  Find out how wild yam and other potent medicinal plants can help!!!