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Handcrafted Herbal Salves & Skin Creams - MoonMaid Botanicals

MoonMaid is a grassroots company founded on the premise that women and their families deserve clean products for the daily needs of life. We have provided such herbal alternatives for bodily wellness for 21 years. Find relief from the symptoms of menopause and PMS. 

Try all of our organic wild yam salves & creams, natural teas, antioxidant moisturizers & skin creams, fantastic goat milk soap, and soaking salts for a relaxing bath time. All herbal salves and skin care products are free from harsh chemicals, hormone, and fragrance for women and men.

It is MoonMaid's mission and purpose to provide handcrafted herbal's that are good for you and safe for our planet. It is my personal commitment and passion to remind women that “our periods, birth and menopause are life transitions to be embraced, not sickness needing treatment."