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MoonMaid Botanicals' came to life in 1995 when Cynthia, founder and herbalist, learned about "horse estrogen."  A spark was ignited!!!  A passion was born.  A lifelong lover of horses, it was decided that something else could be used.  There must be a better way. And indeed there is.  Some research led to the discovery that bio-identical progesterone is made from wild yam.  The infusing began!!!  Further research uncovered that Cynthia's wild yam cream was not the "wild yam" in natural food stores of the day.  Many of them had actual hormone in them.  MoonMaid's did not, but was working well for women transitioning off chemical products. 

After years of using herbs for personal health issues, a company was born.  Woman owned and operated, this grass roots company produces clean products.  Lovingly handcrafted in small batches, these herbal gems will help you to feel good.  Using them is a ritual of self care, so important on our journey through life.  Menopause was the root "issue" addressed when this company began.  As our planet continues to be saturated with toxic estrogens the health concerns have broadened to include infertility, difficult periods, endometriosis, fibroids,  early onset puberty, difficult menopause and peri-menopause, breast growth in boys and other estrogen dominance conditions. 

Yes we offer products, but of course there is more to it then that.  Cynthia has come to be know as The Menopause Herbalist and offers consultations.  That include your first month of products, a discussion about diet and supplements and more.  It is my mission to remind you that 
MENOPAUSE is NOT A DISEASE.  This is a time of powerful transition to be embraced.
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 All products are perfume, chemical and hormone free!!!  Only natural essential oils, organic or wild-crafted herbs, and organic base oils are used in MoonMaid products.  

Insights from customers

  • Thank you Cynthia.  I love your products and recommend them to all of my clients.  Dana, CA
  • I so enjoyed our conversation when I called to ask a question about the ProMeno Women’s Wild Yam Cream.  I love using it and am seeing improvement already.  The scent alone has healing properties. Caren, SC
  • Got the Vital V and the wonderful travel size as well as the fabulous smelling MoonMaid soap. Oh! It feels like my birthday! Thanks so much. Love, K, MN

More Reviews

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