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Cynthia Johnston - MoonMaid Botanicals
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pecial note: This site is designed for your information. The products mentioned herein are not designed for diagnosis, treatment, or cure of any medical condition, though we hope you find them helpful in some way.  Please consult with your physician before changing or discontinuing any treatment or prescriptions you are currently using.

Welcome to MoonMaid Botanicals

MoonMaid Botanicals' is a high quality handcrafted herb company dedicated to providing products that are good for people and safe for our planet. All of our formulas are chemical and hormone free, we combine many elements of the herb kingdom into our products including essential oils, flower essences and herbs that are organic, wild-crafted or grown in our gardens.  We are located in Cosby, Tennessee on the edge of Smoky Mountain National Park.  This area is naturally rich in woodland medicinal herbs, some of which are the mainstays of our products.  We promote using organic everything, we recycle and reuse all of our packaging, use 100% recycled paper, never use any ingredients tested on animals and attempt to resource all of our ingredients in the USA!!!  We are a zero waste company!!!

About MoonMaid Botanicals

MoonMaid Botanicals was born in 1995 when Cynthia was inspired to begin creating herbal alternatives for the ever burgeoning population of “Women of A Certain Age.”   Creating herbal alternatives for HRT or bio-identical hormones is at the core of her work.  She is also the guardian of MoonMaid’s Botanical Sanctuary where she preserves, protects and propagates wild medicinals as well as cultivating a large herb garden. It is her commitment and passion to remind women that “our periods, birth and menopause are a life transition to be embraced, not a sickness to be treated." 

Cynthia is available for walks and classes on how to use herbs in your daily.  See our “class” listings.