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MoonMaid Botanicals' is a small herb company located in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. In business for 20 years, we are dedicated to providing high quality herbal products that are good for people and safe for our planet. It is our mission to offer herbal alternatives to prescription drugs whenever possible. Our remedies are unique, natural and loved by women worldwide!!

  • "Thank you Cynthia. I love your products and recommend them to all of my clients." - Dana, CA 
  • "I so enjoyed our conversation when I called to ask a question about the ProMeno Women’s Wild Yam Cream. I love using it and am seeing improvement already. The scent alone has healing properties." - Caren, SC
  • "Got the Vital V and the wonderful travel size as well as the fabulous smelling MoonMaid soap. Oh! It feels like my birthday! Thanks so much." -  K, TN

All of our formulas are perfume, chemical and hormone free!!!  We use only natural essential oils, organic or wild-crafted herbs and the finest oils we can find.  We package our products in recyclable glass, source in the USA whenever possible and are a Zero waste company.  Nothing we use is ever tested on animals.

MoonMaid Botanicals was born in 1995 when Cynthia was inspired to begin creating herbal alternatives for the ever burgeoning population of women entering menopause.   Creating herbal alternatives for HRT or bio-identical hormones is at the core of her work.  She is also the guardian of MoonMaid’s Botanical Sanctuary where we preserve, protect and propagate endangered medicinal species like ginseng, wild yam and black cohosh.   

It is my commitment and passion to remind women that “our periods, birth and menopause are life transitions to be embraced, not a sickness to be treated." To assist in that endeavor she presents a monthly podcast called “Women of A Certain Age and……” In this one hour show we discuss everything from yoga to hysterectomy. Connect to that show, HERE

After a lifetime of using herbs and 20 years working almost exclusively with menopausal women at MoonMaid, I am offering consultations with  “THE Menopause Herbalist.”  Find out how herbs may be beneficial for your menopause. Make an appointment, HERE.

She is also available for herb walks and herb classes at her facility or at your location and is often out and about teaching in the community. More information about classes and events, HERE.